Silicone Ankle Brace

Specific Uses For Product Foot Corrector,Sprained,Swelling,Wrapping
Size S/M/L/XL
Use for Ankle
Age Range Adult
Material Polyester, Silicone

About this item
EXTRA SUPPORT: The Ankle Brace has two additional flexible, soft inserts that provide extra support to the ankle ligaments. The Foot Stabilizer provides excellent support and stability to your ankle tendons and joints, ideal for sprained ankles, daily support for those with sagging feet and improved walking posture.
IMPROVES CIRCULATION: Ankle Sleeve helps improve circulation, provide joint support and reduce swelling in the foot. The Foot Orthosis Straightener has a self-adjusting setting for elastic compression wrapping the foot to promote circulation, thereby improving the condition of the foot and promoting the recovery of damaged feet.
SORENESS RELIEF: Elastic Ankle Immobilizer helps reduce foot soreness and fatigue, promoting rapid recovery of the muscles in and around the foot. Compression Foot Straps help to quickly relieve or eliminate ankle soreness caused by sprains, over-exercise and other sudden injuries by wrapping the foot with the right amount of pressure.
REDUCED DAMAGE: The Ankle Protective Pads’ support for the foot helps reduce the likelihood of ankle sprains and other injuries while wearing. Drop Foot Corrector can be used to relieve discomfort and soreness caused by problems and sprains of the muscles and fascia of the foot, and the protective support of the foot can also prevent the foot from re-injuring.
COMFORTABLE MATERIAL: The Ankle Guard has curved, soft, pliable inserts to protect your bones and ankle ligaments. Elastic Foot Wraps support and stabilize your foot in the correct position while impeding your normal foot movement, soft against the skin for a comfortable experience.


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